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Virunga Origins

that gives back

Ambitious, handcrafted chocolate created by a ground-breaking social enterprise. A single-origin, Bean-to-Bar chocolate, manufactured and packaged locally, using only beans that are grown by the small-holder farming communities bordering Virunga National Park.

Eat chocoalte - Feel electric

Eat Chocolate
Feel electric

When you eat our chocolate, we are able to unlock the power of electricity to build communities, protect wildlife and spark creativity. With access to a reliable power supply, trees are saved, schools are electrified, and small business flourish.

The Virunga Origins revolution wouldn’t have been possible without our green, free-flow hydroelectric power plants. Electricity unlocks the power of the region and its people and is one of the keys to development, providing light as well as power for productive uses, health, and communication.

With economic opportunity, trees are saved. Animals thrive. Factories, workshops and small businesses flourish. With electricity we can build communities, protect wildlife and spark creativity.

Eat Chocolate
Get peace

Virunga Origins is a true social enterprise that empowers local communities and gives the Congolese people the ability to retain the value of their natural resources -- an economic revolution. This economic opportunity prevents militia and gives the local people a brighter future.

As a social enterprise, we make our products locally, harnessing local talents and resources. Our factory sources the beans directly from the small holder farmers, eliminating the middlemen. The factory employs and trains local workers, prioritizing the widows of the rangers killed while protecting the Park.

Virunga Origins empowers small family-businesses, which enables greater economic opportunity. More kids can go to school. Peaceful alternatives to the militia are created. And with more stability, we can help preserve one of the world’s most important and biodiverse parks -- giving gorillas, chimps, hippos, elephants, lions, leopards, and other wildlife a brighter future.

Eat chocolate - Protect a gorilla

Eat Chocolate
Protect a gorilla

When you eat our chocolate, Virunga National Park can continue protecting the last remaining gorilla range, which represents over three hundred mountain gorillas.

Our home is the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the most biodiverse and fragile places on earth. 5 million people live within a day’s walk of the Park. It’s also home to 1,200 species, some of them endangered. A third of the world’s mountain gorillas live here, as well as chimps and low-land gorillas, elephants, lions, hippos, and more!

100% of all profits from Virunga Origins go back to Virunga National Park and the surrounding communities. When you buy our chocolate, the farmers around the Virunga National Park get happy. The Park Rangers get happy. Our gorillas and other wildlife get super happy. And when you take your first bite (and second, and third), happiness grows even more.

That's what we call double happiness!

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