It takes an extraordinary team to make extraordinary chocolate. Read more about the chocolatiers, staff and farmers behind our products.


At Virunga Origins we employ and develop local talent to create the highest quality products. We source all agricultural inputs from the farmers around the Park and manufacture finished products locally in Mutwanga just outside Virunga National Park.


Originally From Lubero, North Kivu, Roger studied chemistry and agricultural industries at UNIGOM University in Goma. Roger’s fascination with cocoa began in childhood, marveling at the transformation of cocoa into exquisite chocolate right outside his home. His self-taught chocolate-making skills, fostered through online resources, marked the beginning of an extraordinary path. During the challenging times of the 2019 Ebola epidemic in DRC, Roger’s commitment to community health led him to Médecins Sans Frontières in Butembo. It was here that he discovered the Mutwanga chocolate factory.

Eager to contribute, Roger journeyed from Goma to Butembo, by his own means, to attend the factory’s launch. His tenacity paid off, and he began as a trainee under the guidance of Dominique and other experts. With his incredible motivation and energy, Roger quickly took the lead of the team to become the production manager of the factory, honing his skills and emerging as a true Congolese master chocolatier.


Dominique has trained the Virunga Origins team in the fine art of chocolate making with his singular focus on quality and taste. When it comes to flavours, textures and attitude, Dominique has a reputation of thinking outside the chocolate box. For a passionate chocolatier like Dominique, making chocolate where cacao actually grows is a dream come true.
With Virunga Origins, Dominique and the team receive the beans right off the cocoa tree before transforming them into our amazing chocolate.